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Published on 20th July 2017

Coping with Hair Loss from a Skin Condition

Whatever the cause, losing your hair is never easy. Most people know that drug treatments such as chemotherapy, and even normal aging, can cause hair thinning and loss, but what happens when you lose hair because of a skin condition?

Few people are aware that skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can affect the scalp, let alone hair growth. These painful conditions are often stigmatized and covered up due to embarrassment. No one talks about the difficulties of scalp-related hair loss, but the truth is, many people of all ages share this struggle. You are not alone.

Hair Loss and Self-Esteem

Just becoming aware that others can understand your condition is the first step in learning to cope with your hair loss. Almost everyone with hair loss struggles with self-image, but in cases where a skin condition is at the root of the problem, there can be an even greater loss of self-esteem and confidence. Often these conditions not only affect the thickness of your hair, but also leave unsightly marks on the skin and scalp. People with skin conditions may experience dandruff and itching as well. Additionally, conditions like psoriasis and eczema are often chronic, affecting a person throughout their lifetime. It can be hard to hold on to hope when these conditions return time and time again.

Support Groups

Finding a support group for people who share your particular condition, or even hair loss in general, is a great way to raise your spirits during this difficult time. Ask your treatment provider about local groups for patients, or if that is not an option, search online. The Women’s Hair Loss Project is an excellent web resource with hundreds of topics specific to the needs of women and girls. More resources can be found at the American Hair Loss Association website. Having a space to simply talk about your struggle can help ease many of the emotional and psychological symptoms that follow hair loss.

Hair Restoration

Once you have established a good support system, it may be time to consider hair restoration treatment. New strategies for combating hair and skin problems are being developed every day and have improved with technology. If you haven’t visited your dermatologist or other specialist lately, it may be time to make an appointment.

Hair loss, especially related to your skin, affects many parts of your life. Make sure you consider both mind and body wellness when planning your treatment. Coping with your condition takes some time and effort, but with patience, support and appropriate treatment, you can find peace.