My Big Fat Geek Wedding: Planing for Nerdy Couples

As a wedding planner, you are in the business of making dreams come true. From conservative church weddings to ultra-modern receptions with a mirror-glazed cake and contemporary color pallet, you know how to pull an event together. But what happens when your clients want to celebrate their passion for a book, movie, TV show, or game, as well as their passion for each other. Geek chic weddings have been gaining in popularity, but there is no one-size-fits all model to follow.

Placenta Wit: Mother Stories, Rituals, and Research

Beyond the Birth Room: Building a Placenta-Positive Culture (pp. 30-37) AMY STENZEL The placenta is our first relationship. It is the literal site of connection between our new body and that of our mother. In the watery world of the unborn, the placenta beats out an ancient rhythm, tethering us to life itself. Yet from a Western medical perspective, there is nothing sacred about the placenta at all. It is merely a hunk of blood and tissue, destined for incineration soon after a baby takes her first breaths.